Realize your dream of Hajj or Umrah with us by participating in the Hajj & Umrah Savings Program, this program is a solution for those of you who have limited funds, with this program planning for Hajj or Umrah will be easier.

Savings planning and simulation are adjusted to the length of the program according to financial capabilities, we also cooperate with OCBC Syariah as a bank that has the capacity to accommodate pilgrims’ funds.

This program is specifically for people who have dreams of going to the Holy Land and dedicated to anyone who wants to save money to the Holy Land. A dream that is very likely to be reached by all levels of society.


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Easy Registration with Online Form


Saving is more convenient no charge
  • Identity Card
  • Taxpayer User Number
  • Stamp Rp 6,000 2 sheet
  • 5 sheets of 3×4 size passport photos using duff/glossy paper (80% facial appearance, white background, not wearing glasses, color of clothing/headscarf contrasting with background, for women wearing hijab & Muslim clothing, men without a cap)
  • Enclosed Registration Form
  • Prepare the original scan of the registration requirements
  • Download the registration form which consists of:
    • iB OCBC NISP Syariah Savings Account Opening Form
    • Sharia General Terms and Conditions Form
    • Hajj General Provisions Form
    • Wakalah Contract Form
    • Form SPCH  
  • Read, complete and sign the entire registration form
  • Send the original scan of the registration requirements and the registration form to email opssyariah@ocbcnisp.com with the subject: REGISTRATION OF SAVINGSHAJIOCBCNISP_[NAME AS APPROPRIATE KTP]_[CITY/DIGENCY OF DOMICILE]
  • Registrants are waiting to be contacted by the Bank for verification via telephone recording
  • The registrant will receive confirmation via telephone recording/email regarding the verification results and a request to transfer funds to the registrant’s Hajj Savings account that has been created by the Bank, as well as information on taking Proof of Deposit for Hajj Registration Fees (BPIH) at the Sharia Branch Office / Sharia Service Office in accordance with Registrant’s domicile.
  • Registrants are required to bring original documents of Registration Requirements (point A) and a completed and signed registration form (point B) to the Sharia Branch Office / Sharia Service Office informed by the Bank via email to collect Proof of Deposit for Hajj Registration Fees (BPIH)
  • Account opening has been completed and registrants can continue the Hajj registration process according to the Ministry of Religion (KEMENAG) process

Make your dream of performing Hajj with your family come true with the iB Hajj Savings Program for Employees. There is a discount on Hajj registration up to IDR 400 thousand for you and your family members who are registered in 1 Family Card (KK).

Easier to Realize Umra and Hajj in the Future

Consult the best plan with the best travel agent.