Hajj is part of the pillars of Islam for people who are able to perform it. The pilgrimage has rules and procedures that are determined based on the instructions of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.

Hajj Furoda is a pilgrimage program that departs directly in the same year by registering without the need to queue, because it uses a mujamalah visa or Hajj visa that relies on quotas directly from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, without depending on the official quota of the Indonesian government.


Special Hajj is organized by Travel Agency that has Hajj Organizer Permission (PIHK) to organize such program and be regulated by Ministry of Religion (KEMENAG) with waiting period around 5 to 7 years faster than regular hajj.

Easier to Realize Umra and Hajj in the Future

Consult the best plan with the best travel agent.